Van Zandt Apparel is a men and women’s clothing brand that designs and manufactures everything right here in the USA. Our sole purpose is to create versatile yet comfortable clothing from the best fabrics available in today's market. We create apparel and gear that is tailored with unmatched quality with a “built to last” guarantee.

You might say we’re the antithesis of the wasteful fast fashion trend, with a one-piece-at-a-time approach. From the design to the fabrics and the final details, everything is meticulously assembled, tested, and triple-checked. This results in innovative products of superior quality that don’t just look amazing - they also empower you to move through the world with unshakeable confidence.

Whether on land or sea, our apparel never lets you down or leaves you second-guessing. Discover premium apparel for men and women that looks and feels just as good outdoors as it does when you’re kicking back. Never settle and enjoy the labors of our passion for innovation through exploration by choosing Van Zandt Apparel today.


Producing apparel that embodies our belief in innovation through exploration is what Van Zandt Apparel is all about. But that’s easier said than done. To ensure that your apparel can take you from peak to peak and everywhere in between, we design and craft everything right here in the USA using experienced artisans and top-grade materials. We then subject them to intense R&D in different ocean, alpine and river environments.

The result? Apparel that you can trust. Complete with superior features, true-to-fit sizes and a tasteful aesthetic so you can transition between land and sea with maximum ease. Because your clothing shouldn’t feel like a compromise, nor should it be produced in a far-flung factory.

All aspects of our apparel is scrutinized, from design to detailing and right up to their eventual release. We also don’t rush production just to meet deadlines or rely on overseas manufacturing channels, which means you get clothing that stands up to the rigors of an active lifestyle and lasts for a lifetime, not months.


Van Zandt Apparel isn’t here to change the world, but we do want to change the way you move through it. For this reason, our mission is to take our founder’s passion for long lasting, hard wearing, comfortable, detail-oriented quality and apply it to all products from both our current and future collections.

This includes producing apparel for both men and women that meet our own high standards for homegrown craftsmanship, whilst also remaining open minded in the pursuit of new innovations.

Van Zandt Apparel also promises to make decisions with responsible manufacturing, environmental sustainability and individual freedom of expression in mind. After all, our products are more than just a fleeting fad – they’re a timeless companion in your pursuit for daily adventure.

Read more about how we're driving sustainability here.

Our founder, Mr. Van Zandt raising funds for the Gunnison Whitewater Park while catching waves in our Venture Trunks at the Gunnison Whitewater Park Surf Jam. Through a combination of man, machine and Mother Nature, Gunnison Whitewater Park has transformed into an incredible river surfing location where surfers have been enjoying the waves for the past 13 years.